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Pariksha Niyamak Pradhikari, Allahabad UP

Mirza Ahsanullah Beg Shikshan Prashikshan Sansthan

Where great teachers are made and positive attitudes are nurtured. College provides a friendly, learning environment where all take pride in learning and achievement. The primary mission of the college is to promote students to obtain quality learning in a caring environment.
Within the major Programmer and curriculum of the college students learn to develop their skills in communication and critical thinking students learn the methods of forming and answering questions without bias, the ways to discover, explore and integrate knowledge across disciplines.
Committed to prepare students not only to face challenges of the future society with confidence but also build a global community with purpose and responsibility.
We create a healthy and civilized society by trained, educated and human leaders.

Manager’s Message

Excellence of its innovative teaching methodologies and research based doctrine. our collective input is integral to my belief that this is our college and we all can learn best to our potentials. I would like to focus a direction in which education will determine a man’s future life.

Our mission at MIRZA ANSANULLAH BEG SHIKSHAN PRASHIKSHAN SANSTHAN is to train and graduate the best teachers who are committed to lifelong learning professional behavior to research based instructional strategies.